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Smoking Goat Glass

Smoking Goat Glass Migration


Smoking Goat Glass Migration

As we enter the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac, we decided to migrate our Smoking Goat Glass shop over to our site.  Smoking Goat Glass was actually the first SquareSpace site we set up and we are happy with it, it is just that the whole Smoking Goat Glass shop is just a fun project for us and we don't have the required time to promote a whole extra website.  So we are consolidating things into our Made By Hippies Tie Dyes site.  The beauty of it is not much will change.  We will still keep the domain name, and have that point to the glass shop, so please check out all the great glass from Oregon and beyond available at the Smoking Goat Glass Shop!  Whose new home will be forevermore:

Here is an archive of screen shots from the original site, circa Jan. 28th 2017:


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About Smoking Goat Glass

Palomo and Erik

Smoking Goat Glass was launched on February 19th, 2015, The Year of The Goat in the Chinese Zodiac.

From the founders of Made By Hippies is an all new online glass shop: Smoking Goat Glass.  Featuring a selection of today's finest glass art from Oregon and beyond.  Our goal is to select the best glass art from top quality artists through the nation and bring it all together at Smoking Goat Glass!

This is just the beginning!
Stay Tuned!

Ras Patience